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Dadaab (2012, CRS)

Catholic Relief Services collaborated with Peepoople in Dadaab on a pilot and evaluation of the Peepoo solution. primarily for the Somali nomad population in the newly established Kambioos refugee camp in Dadaab. The focus was on providing easier access to toilets for vulnerable groups, such as elderly and physically disabled with difficulties accessing latrines, as well as children. In addition, the project also served as a “gap-filler” until latrines have been built or full latrines have been replaced. The project was part of CRS’s larger intervention on sanitation and safe disposal of human waste in Kambioos.

56 households were selected to participate in the project, which involved using Peepoo during one month in April-May 2012. 40 out of the 56 households participated in the final evaluation. 92% of these had a minimum of one vulnerable person within their household.

The overall results from the CRS Dadaab Peepoo Project in Kambioos were positive, indicating that the targeted refugee population quickly and easily adapted to the Peepoo solution. The majority of responding households stated that Peepoo had made life easier for them. Peepoo was considered particularly valuable and suitable for the most vulnerable, including children.

To read more about the project, see the full report under Related Documents to the right – available soon.



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