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Key Contact

Erik Josephsson
Partnership Director
+46 730 66 48 82

Other contact persons

Roger Ndagije
Caritas Goma
+250 784400830

Hedwig Dingler
Caritas Luxembourg
Coopération Internationale / Responsable de Projets
+352 40 21 31 513


Caritas Luxembourg has together with Caritas Goma ordered Peepoo products for a two-year project, with the aim to implement the Peepoo sanitation system in the Birere slum area in Goma, The Democratic Republic of Congo. The overall objective of the project is to improve the health and safety of the population in Goma, through improving access to hygienic and safe sanitation. The specific objectives are to introduce the Peepoo sanitation system and BoP business model in Goma and start a health and hygiene campaign together with hospitals and health care centres, as well as to introduce the Peepoo fertiliser and prepare for a large-scale Peepoo project.

Goma group

Hedwig Maria Dingler, International Cooperation/Head of Project Management, at Caritas Luxembourg initiated the collaboration with Peepoople in 2013 and she says:

“We believe that Peepoo is very applicable for the population in Goma. They have a vast problem with water supply and cholera outbreaks are very common. The poor people generally take their drinking water from small rivers or from the lake. It is also very difficult to dig for latrines in Goma. In the neighbourhood of Birere, where we are now launching the Peepoo sanitation system, you have lava stones in the ground, so you would need big machines to build canalisation. Since the used Peepoos will be used as fertiliser, growing food crops and fruit trees, we also believe that the project will be able to help tackle the issue of malnutrition in the area.

As we are now introducing an individual solution to one of the very basic needs, I believe we can improve the health and security of the population in Birere significantly.”


Caritas Goma

Caritas Goma is responsible for implementing the Peepoo Urban Slum Business Model in Goma.

Caritas Goma

Funding Partners

Caritas Luxembourg

Caritas Luxembourg is the funding partner and the initiator of the implementation of the Peepoo Urban Slum Business Model in Goma.

Caritas Luxembourg