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Vi Agroforestry is together with Peepoople launching the Peepoo School Programme in Kisumu, Kenya. The project will run for two years and include 2000 children in the slum areas of Obunga and Nyalenda. The used Peepoo from the schools will be utilised as fertilisers for planting trees and for producing crops like sukuma wiki and spinach, contributing to food security for the school children.

The aim of Peepoople School Programme is to improve the health, safety and school performance of children in slum environments on large scale. In the long run, this will provide broader health and socio-economic benefits. With Peepoo, children are able to stay in school and the school is able to secure a higher quality of education. Children are kept safe from sexual harassment during daytime and they are able to positively affect their community through child-to-community processes.

Peepoo does not require complex infrastructure and can be quickly implemented. Thus, the effect on children’s lives is immediate. The school children are provided with clean Peepoo toilets, as well as hand-washing facilities, education in health, hygiene and sanitation, and improved food security from school gardens. Children who have access to Peepoo in school generally improve their health and school performance.

Vi Agroforestry (Vi-skogen) is a Swedish development organization, fighting poverty and improving the environment together with farmers in Eastern Africa. The foundation of Vi Agroforestry’s work is agroforestry – planting trees and crops together. It provides increased access to food, more income and protection against the negative effects of climate change.

“Our cooperation with Peepoople is natural part of our work with children and youth in eastern Africa, as they are the farmers of the future. The focus of the project is well in line with our work with kitchen gardens on schools. The students take the knowledge home to their families and implement the methods on the farms, spreading the methods of agroforestry and sustainable agriculture even further”
says Arne Andersson, Regional Director for Vi Agroforestry.


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