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Camp Garage and Camp Cité aux Cayes (2010, Oxfam GB)

In the spring of 2010 Oxfam GB undertook a trial with Peepople from April to May 2010, consisting of a standard bag and Peepoo excreta disposal systems in two IDP settlements; Camp Garage and Camp Cité aux Cayes. The trial results demonstrate that with proper collection and removal, both bags and Peepoos are viable excreta disposal options in emergencies. A reduction was seen in “flying toilets”, open defecation and user reports on diarrhoea in both settlements. For in-home use, Peepoo was preferred over bags by a ratio of 84 per cent to 55 per cent based on its ability to contain odour.

Following this trial, Peepoople adjusted the design of Peepoo . Peepoo is now on Oxfam’s list of supplied products.

For more information on the trial with Oxfam GB please read an article from Waterlines, placed under Related Documents to the right.


Camp Mega 4, and Camp Bois jn Charles (2011, IRC)


To demonstrate the Peepoople Humanitarian Response Model, Peepoople has developed Peepoo Try, a small-scale trial for 10 families during a period of 10 days. The International Rescue Committee conducted this type of trial, which took place in November 2011 in two camps: Camp Mega 4, and Camp Bois jn Charles, in Port-au-Prince. In total 10 families and 51 persons participated in the 10-day trial. Of these, approximately 49% were female and 51% male. 50% were below 15 years of age and 50% above.

Peepoo was easily accepted and positively received by the communities in the camps. It was quick to implement as well as easy to understand and use. All people who participated in this evaluation were generally satisfied with the solution and wanted to continue using it. In particular women and children appreciated having easy access to a clean and personal toilet at family level at all times.

The overall conclusions from the Peepoo Try in Haiti were very positive, 100% of the participating families wanted to continue to use Peepoo.


Field Stories

Elia Charles

Elia Charles is 77 years old and lives in a USAID shelter in Mega 4 where she cares for two girls and one boy. She is religious and repeatedly prays that the Peepoo project will continue. Elia says her body is in pain and hopes that one day it will be better. She misses her home and hopes to move back to the countryside where life is better. Elia says, “If I move to the countryside I will bring Peepoos with me to use.”

Rene Myrlande

We also met Rene Myrlande, Bois jn Charles Camp and this is his story;

“My family includes my wife, our adoptive daughter and me. My brother lives in a camp downtown, in Peggy Ville. They have a bad situation in his camp. It’s worse than ours. They don’t have any latrines, but thankfully we do. I gave him the Peepoos you gave me because he needs them more than we do. If you want, I will take you to his camp and you can give Peepoos to his camp. We can take the local bus tomorrow and go there.”




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