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Erik Josephsson
Partnership Director
+46 730 66 48 82

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Tauqeer Abbassi
Manager Basic Service Unit


Many times, especially in difficult environments that have been impacted by disasters such as floods, humanitarian or relief organisations lack viable solutions and sufficient capacity to ensure that those who are directly affected have access to adequate sanitation. New innovative sanitation solutions are urgently needed to change the current situation that accounts for such a heavy toll on human life, especially for the most vulnerable; women and children.

In this context UN-HABITAT Pakistan decided to try and evaluate Peepoo as an emergency sanitation solution and catalyst for behavioural change following the 2011 floods in Sindh. The purpose of the trial was to evaluate Peepoo’s viability, acceptance, effectiveness and benefits as an emergency response solution for Pakistan.

The overall conclusions from the Peepoo Try in Sindh were very positive. UN-HABITAT Pakistan concluded that the Peepoo is a viable and cost- and resource-effective emergency response sanitation solution for Pakistan. Reasons for this positive conclusion include benefits such as immediate disease control, rapid implementation, high user acceptance, flexibility and safety for women and children. Also noted was Peepoo’s potential to act as a catalyst for behavioural change of sanitation practices to help end open defecation, acting as a transition solution into the recovery phase and bridging into development.

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