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British Red Cross stocks Peepoos for emergency response

September 16, 2013

In August 2013 Peepoople made the first delivery of Peepoos to the British Red Cross. The Peepoo Personal Pack and the supporting seat Peepoo Kiti will be a part of the British Red Cross Mass Sanitation Module (MSM) as a pilot.

Prior to the delivery, one of Peepoople’s field officers trained British Red Cross’ WASH delegates in London as part of the British Red Cross MSM Refresher Course. The training aimed to ensure sufficient knowledge about the Peepoo solution and its implementation in humanitarian interventions to secure efficient deployment of the Peepoo solution in field. The session was participatory with a high focus on practical experience from prior projects in Pakistan, Kenya and the ongoing training in Syria. Approximately 30 delegates took part in the training and are now ready to be deployed as a part of an MSM pre-packed with Peepoos, contributing towards the ongoing deployment of the MSM as an effective disaster response tool of the federation.

“British Red Cross decided to include disposable bags in the MSM because we have seen its appropriateness in for example disasters in urban areas such as Haiti. Peepoo was chosen because of its self-sanitising properties based on a new technology and the thought that has gone into maximising community acceptance and usability.”
Pete Garratt, Disaster Response Manager, International, British Red Cross

The MSM was developed to provide appropriate sanitation facilities for up to 20,000 people affected by disasters, with the aim of reducing sanitation and hygiene related mortality and morbidity. A team of trained delegates and sets of standardised equipment can be deployed to work with host National Society counterparts to mobilise volunteers from the community, providing rapid training for delivery of both hardware and software components of the module. The MSM sanitation services include, among other services, safe excreta disposal and promotion of good hygiene practices.