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Funding secured for Peepoo production in Nairobi

August 15, 2016


Peepoople is happy to announce that Peepoo production in Nairobi will be re-established. Current projects will be maintained and possible expansion will be explored.

After moving all its operations to Kenya, Peepoople has been able to secure funding to re-establish local production of Peepoos in Nairobi.

The production will be a small-scale and semi-manual setup with an initial capacity of 5 000 Peepoos per day. Production is expected to be up and running in the beginning of 2017.

With the aim to first and foremost supply the Peepoo School Programme with products, the local production will also allow for possible expansion into other markets.

Setting up the production locally will give Peepoople a more solid foundation for the future, giving an opportunity to further develop and expand the visionary project of the Peepoo sanitation solution.

For more information regarding the Peepoo production in Nairob
please contact:

Maria Berndtsson, Project Manager
+254(0) 790 497 768 or +46(0) 702 398 908

Felix Hägglund Wennergren, Project Manager
+254(0) 708 198 971 or +46(0) 702 740 668