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Oxfam implementing Peepoo in the Philippines post Typhoon Haiyan

December 12, 2013

oxfam peepoo

On December 10 Oxfam started the distribution of Peepoos in Tacloban, the Philippines. After the typhoon Haiyan, or Yolanda as it is locally called, hit the country in November many have been without toilets. This as forced people to practise open defecation, which is heavily risking the spread of diseases.

Peepoople has two field officers on set in the Philippines, providing training to our customers, such as Oxfam, on the Peepoo sanitation system and its implementation in humanitarian response.

The Peepoo toilet is suitable for use in home and shelter, which allows the affected population access to rapid, safe, clean and convenient sanitation at all times, day and night. After use, Peepoo is directly closed with a knot and the dangerous pathogens in the faeces are instantly isolated from the immediate environment. With the self-sanitation technology, combined with its biodegradability, Peepoo makes it safe to dispose of human waste without contaminating waterways and the larger environment.