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UK Government contracts Peepoople

September 24, 2013

We are pleased to announce that the UK Government has awarded Peepoople AB the contract to supply Peepoo as a sanitation solution within the Department For International Development’s (DFID) Rapid Response Facility.

The Rapid Response Facility (RRF) enables DFID to commit to rapid humanitarian funding in the first 72 hours following a rapid onset disaster, a spike in a chronic humanitarian emergency, or other disasters. RRF consists of two components, pre-qualified partners for implementation ( and pre-qualified suppliers with which framework agreements are signed to access key relief supplies.

Through a public tender, DFID announced that biodegradable toilet bags were one of eight lots in which suppliers of key relief supplies were to be contracted. Peepoople was evaluated in this lot through five award criteria: Compliance with technical specifications, In-house or external testing of samples, Expert opinion of in-field use, Contractual Compliance, and Unit EXW Prices. Peepoople and the Peepoo solution was scored with 100 points of 100 available and was given the motivation “…your bid has been found to be one of the most economically advantageous for Lot 4…”

A framework contract has now been signed with DFID and DFID’s pre-qualified partners can now, within the structure of RRF, request Peepoos to implement in their humanitarian response interventions.

This was the first tender for framework agreements for the supply of goods under the Rapid Response Facility. The aim is for DFID to access key relief supplies both in humanitarian emergency responses and in preparation for future responses.

The RRF enables DFID to work with partners that have a proven record of emergency response in order to secure the effectiveness of the immediate interventions. DFID’s robust qualification process secures that the awarded partners and suppliers can provide high quality results, save lives and deliver on the UK Government’s development goals.

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