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Visit to the Peepoo schools in Kibera

February 24, 2016

Web 2 head teacher

Kibera slum, Nairobi, Kenya

In February 2016 we went back to visit some of the schools that received funding from the 2014 Crowd funding challenge with Game changers. Since our visit last year a lot had happened and all schools were now up and running with their Peepoo Programme since a few months back.

We went back to Changing Times, a quite small school but still hosting 350 children, and they had now started to use the Peepoo toilets. We spoke with teacher Margret Mbasa: “Oh, it is much cleaner now, before we had the pit latrines. They were dirty, the small children didn’t want to use them. The health of the children is also much better, they are so lively now! We have had meeting with parents, they like it (Peepoo). All the kids are using Peepoo now, they know how to use very well.”

After receiving some songs and high fives from the children we moved to re-visit another school with 190 children. When we where there last year they were just starting to set up the Peepoo programme and building the Peepoo Cabins, now they’ve been using it for eight months.

First we met with one of the students, Doreen Indasi 13 years old, she said: “It is easy to use Peepoo, the school attendant Rose prepares it. I like the Peepoo toilet, it has brought advantages for us. We also have the health club and we learn about hygiene. We also have Peepoo at home, especially during night I cannot go out, then it is good with Peepoo. You can use Peepoo any time. It is dangerous to use the pit latrine in the evening. The latrines opposite our house smell, and the sewage break close to our house. Peepoo is better. At night we keep the used Peepoos at home. In the morning my mother takes them to the drop point. The latrines we used to go to they were always dirty, and far away. With Peepoo we save time and we can stay in class.”


And the deputy head teacher Franci Nyauke wanted to let us know that they are eager want to continue the programme; “They (the children) like Peepoo and now they can also wash their hands. This has improved their health. Before it was a challenge hygienically, the teachers had to go with the children stop educating, how can you deal with this situation, it was hard. Now it is so easy with the Peepoo and the attendant can help the children and the teachers can do the lessons. The children’s results and performance is better, they are healthier and they stay in class. And the environment is cleaner in the school. Please make the Peepoo project continue.”

Outside of the school we met with Jane who is a mother of four children, three of them attending Adventure Pride school with the Peepoo programme. We asked if she new about the programme and what she thought about it;
“I learned about Peepoo from the school. It has helped my kids at school. Now we also have it at home. Before Peepoo we used the potty and then poured it outside. There are no stomach problems anymore the small kids do not have diarrheal anymore.“


During 2016 the Swedish Peepoople office will close, but the projects will continue in Kibera slum in Nairobi.